1 December 2017
Innovation, Velocity, Energy: Ten years of success

The start of a new energy with the Team Estrella Galicia 0,0 Marc VDS

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9 June 2017
One decisive step for Europe Energy Group

Thursday June 8, 2017 will be remembered as a milestone for the history of Europe Energy

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1 June 2017
Europe Energy flies with Air Serbia

Mercoledì 1 giugno è stata inaugurata la linea aerea Belgrado-Venezia dalla compagnia di volo Air Serbia.

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11 April 2017
The Group still profitable and successfully established in the European markets

Europe Energy has yielded net profit for the ninth consecutive year

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28 March 2017
Telethon and Europe Energy: the energy that does good

Europe Energy and Telethon Foundation have reached a deal.

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21 March 2017
Cerved conferma il rating B1.1

Even in 2017 CERVED has assigned to Europe Energy S.p.A the rating investment grade B1.1

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10 January 2017
Europe Energy Commercial

Our commercial completely encloses our company philosophy “we always put people first”.

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