21 March 2017

Cerved conferma il rating B1.1

Even in 2017 CERVED has assigned to Europe Energy S.p.A the rating investment grade B1.1


Milan, March 2017 – Even this year Cerved Rating Agency Spa, leader agency in Italy for the rating field, conferred the rating class B1.1 on Europe Energy Spa, classifying it on the “investment grade” level.
“We pride ourselves on receiving the rating B1.1 for the third year consecutively” underlines Eugenio Colla, Executive Director and CFO of the group, “it reflects the financial reliability that we have been able to reach despite the recessionary macroeconomic environment and the challenges we have been facing in the last two years.
In spite of the fact that the business model of the group has radically changed in the last two years, as it joined the end users’ market, Cerved’s rating highlights the positive goals achieved during the fiscal year 2016/2017 and confirms the growing trends for 2017/2018.
Europe Energy proudly welcomed the confirmation of its rating valuation from Cerved. By confirming Europe Energy’s B1.1 rating valuation, Cerved rewards the company’s business plan based on risk minimization for the investors, the increasing attention to costumers and the strong implementation of activities in the Balkans”.