Who we are

Since 1999, leaders in the energy market.

Europe Energy Group was founded in 2007 by Matteo Ballarin, at that time the Sole Director and minority shareholder. In 2012 a management buyout and subsequent corporate adjustments handed control of the Group over to Europe Energy Holding Srl, a company 100% held by Mr Matteo Ballarin.

Since the very beginning, Europe Energy has turned into one of the most dynamic and innovative Italian companies in the European market for electricity and gas thanks to the peak growth in revenues and in marketed volumes.

The will to anticipate the market and innovation are the cornerstones on which the strategy of Europe Energy is based, together with a strong attitude towards internationalization. That is why, today, Europe Energy presents itself as a big International Group.


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Our president

From 1999, one of the main players within the electricity market

Matteo Ballarin was born in Verona on the 11th of August 1973 and graduated in Electrical Engineering in 1999 at the University of Padua.

He began working within the electricity market since the beginning of liberalization in 1999.

In 2007, he founded Europe Energy Spa as director and minority shareholder. At the time, Europe Energy Spa was engaged in the wholesale of electricity on European markets.

In 2012, through a management buy-out, he became the owner of the company and founded the Europe Energy Group, which he currently holds 100%.

In 2013, he created LE Trading AS in Bratislava (Slovakia) with which he began his activity in the Balkan market.

In 2015, he acquired the Gascom Spa business unit, entering the retail market for energy and gas in Italy.

In 2017, the Group started its sales activities of energy and gas to end customers also in Romania, Slovenia, Serbia and Croatia.

In 2019, through the launch of the WithU brand, Europe Energy Spa became also a mobile and internet connection provider. In 2020, WithU added fixed telephone connection to its utilities offer.

Over the years Mr. Ballarin has held various institutional roles such as member of the Exchange Committee of the European Energy Exchange and the Hungarian Power Exchange, member of the energy commission of Assolombarda and, finally, member of the board of Confindustria Serbia.

The differentiation of activities and the ability to quickly seize new opportunities are structural parts of the corporate DNA and of the way the company perceive innovation. They represent the added value the Europe Energy Group can offer.

- matteo ballarin - Chairman of the Board