Code of Ethics


A successful company is characterized by the passion of the people who work there, oriented towards the same objectives and for a common purpose. All those who work for/with the Group, without distinctions or exceptions, have undertaken to observe and to ensure enforcement of these principles within their own divisions and according to their individual responsibilities. In no way can the belief of acting for the Companies’ benefit, justify the adoption of behaviors that are in conflict with these principles.

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Company Profile

Ten years of success

The will to anticipate the market and innovation are the cornerstones on which the strategy of Europe Energy is based, together with a strong attitude towards internationalization. That is why, today, Europe Energy presents itself as a big International Group.

A young and enthusiastic team, great professionalism and a deep knowledge of the market are the ingredients of Europe Energy’s winning formula. Daily, Europe Energy puts its knowledge at complete disposition of its customers, its partners, its families and the environment.

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