31 May 2016

Europe Energy: the first “boutique” for the sale of electricity and gas inaugurated in Padua


It will be the reference point for the people of Padua and the first step of a commercial development strategy in northern Italy
Europe Energy, an international group active in the electricity market and specialized in gas trading, consulting and direct sales to end users, has inaugurated today in the Arcella quarter (Padua), its first “boutique” for the sale of electricity and gas to households and small and medium-sized enterprises.
Big names attended the ribbon-cutting ceremony, open to all citizens: Peter Pellegrini, deputy prime minister of the Slovak Republic, Eleonora Mosco, Deputy Mayor of the City of Padua, and Matteo Ballarin, Chairman and CEO of Europe Energy Holding took part in the ceremony , open to all citizens.
The new store, located in via Tiziano Aspetti, 82, will not simply be a showcase to give visibility to the brand, but a “boutique” that will focus on the users and their needs, a new approach of proximity to the territory that Europe Energy has decided to take for the management of its customer relations.
Europe Energy, through the opening of stores in the area, offers, especially to the weaker layers, a service that privileges the direct and personal relationship with the customer in a comfortable environment, like that of the new store, with spaces specifically designed and structured for user acceptance; a revolution to the common trend of the market for services and the sale of energy shifting more and more to digital by focusing on online services and call centers.
The general design of the store is in line with the company image in the choice of colors that characterizes the brand identity of the Group and with some elements of the creative campaign “A new energy in town” accompanying the opening of the point of sale.
“The inauguration of the” boutique “in the historic district of the city ” – said Matteo Ballarin, CEO of Europe Energy – is the first, crucial step in the strengthening and expansion of our business towards the end customers and of our presence in the area, which will continue soon in other small and medium cities. The participation of the Slovakian Deputy Prime Minister in the inauguration testifies the quality of our relations, also at an international level, that Europe Energy has built over time, as well as the presence of local institutions that well follows the concept of proximity and direct contact with the users that we put to the basis of our idea of development in the retail segment. “Boutique” means to be in the area, not behind a call center, but showing your face with clear structuring offers and, even more important, building a covenant relationship with the user. This means higher transparency, but also higher speed in resolving disputes and constant contact with our customers. ”

Customers will know the best offers of Europe Energy in the store, made up of savings and real benefits for the supply of gas to electricity, assistance in pre-sales with services for the reading of the bill, for the spotting out of the best offer for ‘supply of electricity and gas detection and for the conclusion of contracts, and assistance in post-sales.

To assist the users, the store will have flexible opening hours and will be open at the following hours:
Monday, Wednesday and Friday: 9:00 / 13:00 to 14:00 / 15:30
Tuesdays and Thursdays: 9:00 / 14:00 to 15:00 / 18:30
Saturdays: 9:00 to 12:30