Europe Energy Electricity & Gas


At the end of 2014, the Europe Energy Group entered the retail market for the sale of electricity and gas through the rental of the branch owned by Gascom Spa.

The choice was pushed by the desire to test the cornerstones of its uptime, such as attention to credit and care of marginality, in a market with significant different operations from those that characterized the life of Europe Energy Group until then.

This decision was also developed by formulating an irrevocable purchase proposal of the branch of the company with over 30,000 customers and 55 employees, studying the weak points and acting to remedy the situation and enhancing the strong points. In June 2017, the Group acquired the business previously owned by Gascom Srl, officially entering the retail market.

Today, Europe Energy has a client portfolio that focuses on the north of Italy, particularly the north east, a wide area ranging from Emilia Romagna to Milan. Extensive attention was dedicated to reviewing the internal procedures, to customer care and to move then to the reconstruction of the internal and external sales network.

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Europe Energy is innovation

It is important for us to be dynamic and be innovative

Innovation is the word that best describes Europe Energy. Innovation is rooted in every aspect of the Group, in its solutions for families and businesses, its attention to customer needs and its software. Europe Energy is the first non-institutional Italian energy supplier that begun supplying energy and gas to several foreign countries.

Currently, Europe Energy is supplying energy and gas through its subsidiaries to Slovenia, Romania, Croatia and Serbia. Soon the Group will also be able to supply energy and gas to Macedonia, Montenegro, Bosnia, Albania and Kosovo. Each market has its own peculiarities, in some countries a mass market already exists (Slovenia and Romania) and in some countries the market is only possible to supply energy to large enterprises (Serbia).

For Europe Energy it is pivotal to be present in each of these countries, to be innovative and to put their clients and their needs at the center of their strategy. Europe Energy is thinking about all those multinational groups that can find it to be the best partner to manage their energy supply in all the countries they operate in.