Europe Energy Trading

The electricity and gas trading activities for the continental markets are the historical heart of the Europe Energy Group. Since the very beginning, innovation and desire to anticipate the market were pivotal to the daily growth strategy.

Through the trading floors of Verona (Europe Energy Spa) and Belgrade (LE Trading) the Group operates on all the main power exchange in Europe, on all the OTC platforms and the main Gas HUBs.

An ever expanding logistic platform allows Europe Energy to deliver energy everywhere in Europe, putting the Group at the forefront of the physical management of energy.

Our Energy for our customers

The Group’s activity is based increasingly on the so-called short term ,forecasts and optimization of production from renewable plants and on reconciliation on an hourly basis of energy demand and supply both on the national and transnational markets it operates on.

Europe Energy’s history is continuously evolving but the cornerstones of its everyday life remain unchanged: the utmost care to credit risk and a very strict control of marginality. On these bases, Europe Energy built its history and on these foundations it will build its future!