10 June 2021

Europe Energy brand “WithU” joins ALIS

Guido Grimaldi: “WithU affiliation is right in line with the path promoted by ALIS in terms of innovation, simplification and internationalization”

“We are really pleased to welcome WithU to ALIS. WithU is the commercial brand of Europe Energy group; it has always based its strategy on a strong drive towards digital and innovative solutions as well as on the desire to anticipate the market. This future-oriented vision immediately found an important convergence between WithU and the path we are promoting with ALIS in terms of innovation, simplification and internationalization”.

ALIS President Guido Grimaldi announces the entrance of Europe Energy in the Association. Europe Energy was founded in 2007, in 2019 Europe Energy launched the brand WithU, a supplier that combines electricity, gas, internet, fixed and mobile connection in a single solution. WithU is the commercial brand of the important multi-utility company “Europe Energy”, one of the most dynamic and innovative Italian companies in the European electricity and gas market. Today the company presents itself as a large international group.

“WithU is an excellent example of simplification of processes and services needed by all companies – adds the President of ALIS – as it combines in a simple and immediate way, through a single dedicated digital platform, all the utilities it deals with, in order to optimize the burdens carried by companies and significantly reduce costs”.

“WithU’s adhesion to ALIS represents an important signal for both companies and private citizens – we refer especially to the over 188,000 workers that the Association represents” declares Matteo Ballarin, WithU chairman. “Our company aims indeed to be a point of reference not only for the B2B market, but also for the B2C market. In order to achieve our goal, we are working to get closer to the end-customers through two keywords: innovation and simplification of services. The partnership with ALIS reflects these values and the common desire to constantly improve and innovate every day. We hope that our collaboration will bring greater awareness to the end-users and bring them closer to an increasingly smart and innovative reality”.