1 September 2021

WithU’s new partnership with Lussana Basket

Lussana Basket and WithU announce a partnership agreement in which WithU will cover the role of main sponsor of President Mauro Andreini’s company for the next few years

This great news will help Lussana adding real energy on and off the basketball court and carrying out their mission even better.
WithU will link its name to the teams of the Lussana Youth Sector, to the world of Minibasketball and to that of Basket City; many Primary Schools have already booked for free basketball interventions in the various school complexes from the end of September onwards.

But it is not over yet. The collaboration will also be operational from a practical and federal point of view, as the Lussana Basket Company will be the satellite company of BB14, in which Matteo Ballarin, founder of Europe Energy, operates as President.
“It was easy to involve Matteo in the Lussana project – these are the first words of Mauro Andreini. The passion for sport and the commitment to the young people of Bergamo are values we share together. There are many ideas aiming to add some social activities – which are fundamental in this moment of deep crisis – to the sports partnership. Under the direction of the Municipality of Bergamo, the Lussana-WithU synergy will indeed support some families in needs, ensuring that no child will miss to experience the most beautiful sport in the world – basketball of course. So, a big thank you to the WithU group for understanding the efforts and for standing by our side in this new sporting venture”.

President Matteo Ballarin adds: “The world of basketball is very important to us. For this reason, we are expanding our role as promoters of this sport to different categories here in Bergamo, and we aim to become a real point of reference, starting from Serie B up to all the youth teams. On the other hand, we share the same values, the same determination, and the same passion, but also the desire to help young people, to encourage them to aim high and not be discouraged. We are very happy that basketball in Bergamo is more and more WithU”.