LE Trading AS

In 2013, it was made the decision to pursue the international growth going to the Balkans market by siding a local partner and creating a dedicated structure, the choice fell on Mr. Svetislav Bulatovic and his New Energy Trading AG through which he holds 50% of LE Trading AS.

LE TRADING was the response of the Europe Energy Group to the desire of internationalisation that also the energy market experienced in recent years. Through the aggressive licensing process brought forward by its creation, the group now owns a unique logistics platform in Europe capable of transporting energy from one end of the continent to the other following the best economic solutions.

An International Group

The pillars of the group management have been applied also to this company as founding principles, namely the certainty of credit and precise control of risk and marginalization. A number of services were developed based on these assumptions ranging from the management of conventional production plants and renewable sources to cross border supplies between the different Countries.

In the Balkans the development of day ahead and intraday markets in search of optimization of network flows on an hourly basis is experiencing great ferment and in just two years LE Trading has already won a leading role in this market.

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