17 May 2016

The energy of Europe Energy is in town

In May, the first shops in Padua and Modena, in two years 40 stores in northern Italy

Simple, accessible, close … and fit for families: the energy of Europe Energy, an international group active in the electricity and gas market and specialized in trading, consulting, and sales to end users, arrives in city centers.

In fact, Europe Energy opened this May its first boutiques for the direct sale of electricity and gas in the cities of Padua (Via Tiziano Aspetti, 82) and Modena(Via Guglielmo Zucconi, 112) and thus introduces, in an increasingly digital oriented market, a counter-model in the management of the relationship with customers through services and offers that are planned in order to be closer to citizens, families and businesses.

Thanks to its presence on the territory, Europe Energy brings to the city centers its vision: faces, professionalism and a service based on human relationship, in order to give the possibility to every user, especially the most vulnerable, to build a direct and personal contact with their energy supplier.

Clear offers – based on savings and tangible benefits – faces, innovative services in the spirit of comfort and efficiency, accurate and immediate answersassistance in contracting and after the  sales, represent the cornerstones of the “flow of energy” that Europe Energy brings, with its sale points, in the streets, squares, neighborhoods and homes.

The opening of the stores will be accompanied by the campaign “A new energy in town” with billboards that will color the streets and neighborhoods of the two centers involved.

The opening of Padua and Modena’s boutiques is part of Europe Energy’s business development strategy towards end-users. Through its subsidiary Europe Energy Gas & Power, Europe Energy aims to open 40 boutiques in northern Italy within the next two years.