The secret of the company’s success lies in its management composed of highly experienced and professional people.

Matteo Ballarin

Group Chairman

Manlio Costantini

Group CEO

Valeria Scargetta

Foreign Countries CEO

Svetislav Bulatovic

Shareholder LE Trading and Director - Balkan area

Francesco Mancuso

Italy Sales Manager

Loredana Pasqualini

Legal Manager

Monica Tarnold

Accounting Manager

Daniele Cavejar

Treasury Manager

Lorenzo Melotti

Foreign Countries Sales Manager

Daniela Castiglione

Operations and Business Development Manager

Federica Menini

Marketing & Communication Manager

Mattia Picco

Gas Originator

Alessandro Demo

Risk Manager

Stefano Libriani

IT Manager & Solutions Architect

Paola d’Alberto

Logistics Manager

Carlo Tommasini

Customer and Operations Manager