21 March 2017
Cerved conferma il rating B1.1

Even in 2017 CERVED has assigned to Europe Energy S.p.A the rating investment grade B1.1

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10 January 2017
Europe Energy Commercial

Our commercial completely encloses our company philosophy “we always put people first”.

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12 September 2016
Europe Energy New member of CEGH GAS EXCHANGE

Europe Energy Spa è dal 1 settembre 2016 ufficialmente un membro della Central European Gas Hub (Cegh).

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22 August 2016
Europe Energy concluded the first half of 2016 with a profit of 1.3 million

Europe Energy has concluded the first half of 2016 with a net profit of 1.3 million euro

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21 June 2016
A new energy in Padova

A new advertisement banner campaign colours the streets of Padova and tells the stream of energy coming to town

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3 June 2016
Boutique of Europe Energy, direct and personal relation with the client

Europe Energy brings in the city centers the philosophy that characterizes the company’s vision in the field of direct energy

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26 May 2016
New brand identity for Europe Energy to enter in the market for end users

A new image, a new website and a new way of seeing the energy: simple, accessible and closer to users

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18 May 2016
Europe Energy opens its first “Boutique” for the sale of electricity and gas in Modena

It will be the reference point for the people of Modena and the first step of a commercial development strategy...

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17 May 2016
The energy of Europe Energy is in town

In May, the first shops in Padua and Modena, in two years 40 stores in northern Italy. Simple, accessible, close.

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1 March 2016
Europe Energy To Acquire Struggling Gascom Srl

Europe Energy To Acquire Struggling Gascom Srl, an energy company from Padua

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