26 May 2016

New brand identity for Europe Energy to enter in the market for end users

A new image, a new website and a new way of seeing the energy: simple, accessible and closer to users

new logo, a new image and a new websiteEurope Energy, an international group active in the electricity market and specialized in gas trading, consulting and direct sales to end users, presents the new brand identity that tells the new direction of the company and the enhancement of the business strategy aimed to end customers both in Italy and abroad.

Evolving and innovating while building an identity, even visual, stronger, recognizable and projected to the future: these are the guidelines on which Europe Energy want to build the new brand identity through the creation of a new logo, which involves all branches and the redefinition of its online presence through a new website. The aim is to help to achieve business goals for the coming years: growthinternationalization and enhancement of the consumer market.

The new logo, which represents the new corporate identity of Europe Energy in all communication activities both online and offline, has been developed by the creative agency White, Red & Green, one of the main Italian companies in the communication and rebranding fields.

The logo clearly highlight the letter “E” geometrically structured. However, it maintains continuity with the past thanks to the traditional colors green and blue, also incorporating the color yellow, and it is enriched with contemporary features both in shapes and in fonts used with the purpose of representing, with a more modern look, the future and international direction of the society.

In addition to the logo, the new identity of Europe Energy is also reflected in the new Group website “europe-energy.it”. The web site, online since May 16, aims to mirror the changes that digital technology has brought and will continue to make in the two branches at the core of Europe Energy: trading and direct sale market.

The site serves to tell the reality of Europe Energy in all its facets, with pages dedicated to the different companies in the group and with a particular focus on the activities of sale of electricity and gas, which is housed in a dedicated page directly accessible from the home page. The site was therefore modeled on a new user-centric perspective, with a mobile-first approach and a simple and user-friendly setup, just like the energy of Europe Energy.

The new logo and new brand identity – said Matteo Ballarin, CEO of Europe Energy – are designed to be more modern and recognizable and able to carry a clear differentiation between the different competitor brands, allowing business customers and end-consumers to recognize and identify Europe Energy, as well as expanding the  brand awareness of the company so that more customers can choose the services and offers proposed , which are aiming more and more to the reliability, quality, efficiency, accessibility and proximity to the customer on the territory. “