28 March 2017

Telethon and Europe Energy: the energy that does good

Europe Energy and Telethon Foundation have reached a deal.

Europe Energy Gas & Power, will join Telethon Foundation in its fight against rare genetic diseases.

In 2017, Europe Energy will help Telethon Foundation with its effort and energy. From 1990, Telethon Foundation has been in charge of the management and promotion of fundraising activities in order to contribute to the research on rare genetic diseases.

Just like Telethon Foundation, Europe Energy works every day in order to give concrete answers to its customers. Europe Energy firmly believes in merit and excellence. In fact, it has been operating in the energy trading and energy providing field for many years, standing out for its professionality, efficiency and attention to the end user.

The constant and specific attention to the customer’s needs constitutes one of Europe Energy’s peculiarity. Europe Energy is always close to its clients thanks to a wide network of agents, shops (the energy boutique), an efficient customer service and its digital channels (Facebook, website, App, personal account).

Europe Energy’s commitment to final users is reflected in its extensive range of solutions for domestic users, SMEs and high energy users.

In accordance to its mission “putting people first and being always close to the customers”, Europe Energy decided to actively commit itself to Telethon Foundation’s cause.

Therefore, Europe Energy offers to all its new customers the possibility to support Telethon’s cause by a monthly joint donation of 1 euro to the Foundation.

“I care deeply about this project” explains Matteo Ballarin, CEO of Europe Energy, “I have always followed Telethon Foundation’s work and Europe Energy has been silently supporting the Foundation for several years. For this reason, we want to give the chance to all our customers to join us in this initiative to create a better future”. He follows “we firmly believe that our customers will support this initiative, and we are proud to stand next to Telethon Foundation in this race against time”.

Europe Energy stands with Telethon Foundation because: “Being rare does not mean to be alone. Curing rare genetic diseases is difficult but it is possible”.