21 September 2016

A new energy in town: Europe Energy’s first commercial

September 2016: Europe Energy – an international group active in the electricity and gas market – has just created its first commercial. Each of the clip’s images completely encloses our brand philosophy of always putting people and their needs first,be they families or SMEs. The common thread of the whole video is the flow of energy, the symbol of Europe Energy, that swirls around the streets reaching the homes and lives of the people of the city. An emotional commercial that showcases how energy, in the form of light and gas, is pivotal in our everyday life.

The short film opens with the lights of a shop that are switching on. From here, the flow of energy starts swirling the streets of the sleepy city and enters the house of a dad who is turning the stove on to prepare a coffee that will hep him facing the day at his best. Then, the flow enters the daughter’s bedroom, switching on the light of a colorful globe placed on the night table. The final frame is an overview of a wonderful city lighting up and revealing how energy is essential for everybody!

The commercial, 30 seconds long, has been realised by the agency Binomi under the direction of Gianluca Miotto. It will be aired for the first time at the rice fair of Isola della Scala, where Europe Energy is the main sponsor, and will also be online on Europe Energy website.